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HFFS Portfolio Advice Service

To identify suitable investments for client portfolios we review a number of research bulletins from Broking firms and independent Research Houses to formulate our in-house investment recommendations.

We have an Investment Review Committee who meet on a monthly basis to review and discuss the Approved Product List. These discussions include:

  • new financial products which may become available;
  • the quality and service of our research providers; and
  • administrative issues affecting the Approved investments.

In addition, the committe discusses economic conditions and investment markets to ensure an all encompassing view of the investing process.

Our approach is to advise clients in a consultative manner and only implement recommendations with client consent. We can also research and advise on pre-existing investments.

To help keep you on-track with the investment component of the Financial Plan we will agree to a regular review schedule. During this process we will review the investments, performance, market conditions and provide recommendations for changes to your portfolio as appropriate for your needs.

We generally recommend investing with a long term view and therefore do not anticipate a high turnover of investments in client portfolios.

In summary, the main benefits of the HFFS Portfolio Advice Service are:

  • Simplicity via a centralised portal;
  • We handle the administration requirements for you;
  • Consolidated and detailed reporting;
  • Portfolio reviews, research and recommendations;
  • A sound research process;
  • Annual Tax Reporting;
  • On-line access to view your portfolio .

HFFS Portfolio Administration Service

The HFFS Portfolio Administration Service provides comprehensive reporting on your portfolio. This includes:

  • Portfolio Reports which include valuations, performance, transactions, income and capital movements.
  • A complete Tax Report after the end of each financial year along with supporting documentation necessary to prepare the Income Tax Return.

We will also provide Online access via the Hughes Forbes Financial Services website to your portfolio.

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