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Business Owners

Business Owners

Did you get fed up of working for someone else and ventured out on your own?

Business owners generally have different motivators for success. They have a need to develop their own brand and not be corraled by coporate parameters.

In most cases working on the business can often lead to a neglect of your personal financial matters. This is where we can assist and we'll ensure you:

  • Make the right financial decisions;
  • Make the most of all financial opportunities across your business and on a personal level;
  • Tax planning in the business flows through to your personal situation - This is taken care off seemlessly with the accountants of Hughes Forbes & Associates;
  • Eligibility for Government assistance - Each May the annual budget announces changes are made and new incentive schemes for business are announced.
  • Looking to start investing - we'll discuss the types of investments available and how they should owned(ie personal, in the business, company, family trust, etc)
  • Setting the most suitable asset allocations for superannaution accounts, subject to your investor profile.
  • SMSFs - is this a viable option, can it own or part own the business premises?
  • Protecting personal assets - through the right type of cover such as life insurance, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD), trauma or income protection;
  • An estate plan - Providing your family peace of mind in the event of suddenly passing away.

Business Protection

In addition to the personal cover, business owners require an additional layer of risk management which protects the business ownership and assets. Some of the issues that generally arise, include:

  • What happens if you are no longer able to run the business due to incapacity. Do you have a succesion plan in place? Who will take over? Have you made arrangements such a Buy/Sell Agreement? How will a buy out by the remaining business partner be funded?
  • There are many issues that will arise and may bring the business undone. It is important to plan for the success of your business, it is just as important to protect it in the event of the unthinkable.
  • A solid succession plan covers the transfer of business ownership, with the right level of insurance and a well structured Will for the benefits to flow through to your family or nominated beneficiaries.

Does it sound like we can assist? If so, please give us a call, send an email or complete our enquiry form.

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